What kind of services you cand have at Confidential Parlor?

The Confidential erotic massage salon creates an exotic atmosphere, combining the fragrance and light of the room, creating mystery, and feeling and pleasure will grow.
Our massage has a touch effect, relaxation, seduction and magnetization. The massage is one of the oldest natural therapies. It improves physical and emotional health and, depending on the movements used, can stimulate and relax the muscles, improves circulation and promotes healing of a wide variety of suffering. The massage is easy to do. The massage person can be lying on the bed or on the floor where a mattress and a large towel are placed. It is recommended to use sweet almond oil, but any cream that can not be absorbed quickly into the skin can be used. If the person has fatty skin it is recommended to use instead of oil, fine oatmeal powder. It is not recommended to perform massage under the conditions
-You have fever
- You have recently undergone surgery
-do not massage the affected area or its vicinity
If you are following a medical treatment, you should talk to your doctor before the massage is contraindicated. Ask your doctor if the massage is contraindicated. It is not recommended to perform massage on swollen or swollen areas.
The range of services offered by the Confidential Salon is:
- relaxing massage, every part of the body, from head to toes is equally touched, massage has a refreshing and refreshing effect on the whole body
-Sensual mask involves total relaxation, the masseuse will use its hands, body, fine linen and scented oils to delight your senses
massage body, body energy points are stimulated during this process, and the connection between the heart and the sexual energy center
-Emotic massage, this type of massage manages to make you aware of all the sensations and to live at maximum every moment
- Erotic massage at double, this type of massage involves the attainment of two masseuses simultaneously, so the pleasure felt to double; it involves the attainment of two masseuses simultaneously, so that the pleasure felt to double; the little erotic show consists of moments, messes and kisses between the two masseuses
-Erotic massage for couples; this is a great opportunity for couples, lovers or good friends to experience together the sensuality and discover massage at confidential. The erotic massage starts with a short relaxation ritual, and then each person receives a sensual massage fully applied to the whole body.
-Erotic massage at the hotel; two of our masseuses can visit you in your hotel room and give you moments of ecstasy.

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